UK, November 18, 2009 - Laptop Power UK, the UK's leading online provider of laptop spares and parts, is pleased to announce they are expanding into the repairs market, giving customers the choice of fixing their laptop themselves affordably or Laptop Power making the screen repairs for them.

Laptop Power UK has been providing replacement laptop parts for over four years, initially compatible chargers but latterly screens, batteries and keyboards as well - and all at far below manufacturer's retail price. Realising that, in many cases, the cost of buying a manufacturer's replacement part meant customers were "paying for the name," Laptop Power UK set about finding alternative suppliers whose products were built to the same high standards - but more cost effective. Soon, people were flocking to buy their high quality, low cost compatible components, saving themselves a fortune in repair bills and/or branded parts.

Recently Laptop Power UK has branched into replacement screens, keyboards and batteries in addition to the compatible replacement laptop chargers that gave them their name - answering a need for those customers who want to save money by getting their laptop repaired rather than replaced, but who don't want to spend a fortune. Laptop Power's compatible replacements work out a lot cheaper than buying replacements from the manufacturer - an important issue during the credit crunch. Laptop Power UK also offer an affordable screen fitting service for those who wish to leave their laptop repairs to someone else.

"It is easy to see why people are put off doing their own laptop repairs, despite the financial benefits," said a Laptop Power UK spokesman. "After all, it is just as easy to damage a new screen as an old one, especially if you're not used to doing computer repairs! That's why we now offer a full screen fitting service. Prices start at just £50, plus the cost of posting the computer to us and the screen itself. That's a lot cheaper than a new laptop- or a replacement screen and repair from the manufacturer."

To contact Laptop Power UK, telephone: 0845 257 7745 (09:00 - 17:00, Mon-Fri) or visit