UK, Dec 08 2009 - Laptop Power UK, the UK's premier online provider of replacement laptop parts, is pleased to announce they will shortly be stocking a full range of replacement netbook screens on their site.

Laptop Power UK already stocks a huge range of conventional laptop hardware online. The screen is the most vulnerable part of the computer, and easily damaged. Many people throw the laptop away when the screen is rendered useless, not realising it is effectively only the monitor that is broken - the rest of the machine is usually fine.

Thanks to companies like Laptop Power UK, there is now an option that means a malfunctioning screen can be replaced quite easily, and at relatively little cost. Despite their small size, netbook screens can be replaced in the same way - which is just as well, because they are very vulnerable indeed.

Netbooks have become increasingly popular. They are seen as the ultimate portable computer, along with the Smartphone. However, this comes at some cost: netbooks travel and suffer treatment unknown to the average desktop (or even laptop) PC. Even an overly enthusiastic finger can cause irreparable damage.

This is why Laptop Power UK has announced the decision to stock spare and replacement netbook screens the same way they currently do for laptops. A replacement netbook isn't cheap. Even in today's throwaway age, it still makes sense to have an affordable alternative to a whole new computer - it is also more environmentally friendly.

"People just used to throw their computer and buy new laptop replacements away when they got broken," said a Laptop Power UK spokesman. "But they can't afford to do that anymore. This is why we're giving them an alternative that is friendly to both their pocket and the planet."

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