In Focus Billboards has come to Las Vegas and Henderson, NV and has already established itself as the industry leader in indoor billboard advertising.
Indoor billboards is an ambient form of advertising that has been around for decades, but until now has failed to take hold in the Las Vegas Valley. Indoor billboards can be found in elevators, above water fountains, and most commonly in the men‘s and women‘s restrooms. Bathroom advertising presents a number of unique advantages. These include offering a captive audience, long lasting impressions, low price per view, and the ability to target a very specific demographics such as zip code, lifestyle, income level, and of course gender.
In Focus Billboards is a relatively new company which has been growing steadily since May of 2009 and has put up 83 billboards in 25 different locations throughout Henderson and Las Vegas, NV. In Focus Billboards places their billboards in area bars, restaurants, coffee shops, health clubs, golf courses, and even skating rinks. Indoor billboards are an effective marketing tool to advertise for almost any large, medium, or small business.
Chuck Kurth is the proprietor of In Focus Billboards and has over 6 years of experience in promotiong local businesses. For more information on how to identify your target market, or to advertise on indoor billboards, visit or email [email protected].