August 25th 2009

We may be still recovering from the biggest economic crisis of our generation but it would appear Japanese women are still looking for the latest must-have fashion item., which provides market insight and tailor-made consulting services to foreign affiliated companies entering Japan, recently performed a survey showing the latest fashion trends for women in their thirties. As one of the leading luxury brand consumers in Asia this vibrant city is hot-bed of the latest world fashion.

One hundred respondents took part in the survey based in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Not surprisingly the most popular non-Japanese brand was Louis Vuitton, whilst Coach remained the leading handbag brand. 42% of those surveyed had a household income ranging from 4 to 8 million yen annually (approx.USD $40K to $80K). More than half of those surveyed spent between 5,000 to 10,000 yen (approx. $50 - $100) per month on fashion items. Although, not quite at the level of the Japanese boom during the eighties, there is a clear sign of continuous spending on their part.

The most intriguing fact was that 70% of the women preferred to shop for their fashion apparel online. This shows a clear sign that women are prepared to make purchases without trying on or even seeing their garments. Department stores were the second choice for shopping with 59%.This selective age group showed that design not price was the key factor.

Their fashion trends are influenced predominantly by fashion magazines, television and the internet. They are swayed to make their purchase by family members, TV personalities and friends. “Summer” dresses, “tunics” (not to be confused with those worn by Julius Caesar and his soldiers but the modern day summer garment), t-shirts and skirts carry the most appeal. From the point-of-view of Tokyo`s women in their thirties; design, brand popularity and price are influential in determining their next fashion purchase.

For the detailed report regarding this fashion trend analysis, feel free to contact us below. Sections of the report are available upon signing-up for the weekly newsletter. Upcoming fashion trend reports for Japanese high-school girls (the leading trend setters) and women in their twenties, to be released shortly.

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