Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Ecigarette-Smoking has release a new website ( This website is provide useful information about smoking and quit cigarette tips. Beside this, the website also offer a brand new product call electronic cigarette or ecig, this product is an alternative to smoking actual cigarettes that still gives a smoker the same feel and sensation of smoking.

The ecig looks like an actual cigarette, but is an electronic piece of equipment designed to look, feel and taste like a cigarette. It is powered by microchip technology and allows a smoker to enjoy all the sensations smoking gives them without the health risks. The smoker still gets nicotine into their system, but there is no tobacco products which alleviates the health risks associated with tobacco use.

One of the biggest benefits of using the ecig is the absence of tar, arsenic, formaldehyde, acetone, ammonia and many other extremely poisonous, dangerous chemicals which are all in traditional cigarettes. Also, since there is no smoke from an ecig, there is no second hand smoke with which to contend. There is no need to ban ecig from restaurants or entire cities because no one else is affected by a person smoking an ecig. There is no need for segregation because no one has to endure someone ecig's second-hand smoke.

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