Lawsuit filed against Aziz Burney-Editor Sahara Publications at Navi Mumbai Court

Today lawsuit has been filed against Mr Aziz Burney in Navi Mumbai sessions court,for publishing unsustantiated,false,derogatory and malicious reports in Rojnama Rashtriya Sahara about 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.
Adv Prashant Maggu for his client V.V.Joshi filed the same in court of Chief Judicial Magistrate of Navi Mumbai under IPC Sections of 121,108,107,117,124(A),153(A),153(B),505(2) and 506.
After 26/11 Mumbai Terror attack Rojnama Rashtriya Sahara is consistently publishing the reports of RSS involvement in the attack.Also the publication is contradicting the claims made by External Affairs Ministry as well as Union Home Ministry and Mumbai Police regarding Pakistani involvement in the attack.
Here are the fue examples of Rojnama Rashtriya Sahara's claims about Mumbai attack.
1.Mumbai Police: Kasab has been arrested after gunfight with Police in which Insp Ombale died.
What SAHARA says:Kasab has been arrested by Nepal Security forces in Kathmandu 2yrs ago and Indian Intelligence agencies brought him to Mumbai after 26/11 attack.
2.Mumbai Police:Hemant Karkare has been shot dead by Kasab and other militant near Kama hospital.
What SAHARA says: Hemant Karkare was killed by Mumbai Police top brass with the help of Indian Army.
3.Mumbai Police:For Mumbai attack Pakistani groups like Jud and LeT are responsible.
What SAHARA says:For Mumbai attack RSS,Narendra Modi,Israeli agency Mossad and America's CIA are responsible.
4.Mumbai Police:Kasab and other militant fired at CST station.
What SAHARA says:Mumbai Police constables fired at CST station and BJP workers took previously arrested Kasab to CST for photoshoot opportunity in front of CCTV cameras to prove their false claims.

The lawsuit has been filed to punish such a irresponsible editor and magazine which doesent bother about what Govt Of India's various ministries says about such a major terror incidence which has worldwide consequences.