USA - Learn French 5,000 Phrases, a language learning app that brings a great relief to the self-taught home-based French language learners, is expected to get even better and bigger in terms of database expansion. Fun Easy Learn, the development firm that has designed and developed the app along with the likes of Learn French 5,000 Phrases , recently announced that their app is yet to undergo huge changes, particularly in the database section.

“The interface of the interactive French language learning app has already received rave reviews from the user community. However, the present French phrase count is only 500 and we are going to increase the count step by step. At present, we are looking at adding thousand new French phrases every month to take the count to five thousand in a matter of a few months”, said the chief developer of Fun Easy Learn during an interview with the local press representatives.

“Also, the Learn French 5,000 Phrases app only has thirty language options at this very moment, which is not enough. In order to make the app usable and popular in different other parts of the world, we will double the existing language options. In fact, we are going to add thirty five more language options so that the app can be used more than double the number of present users. Of course, everything is in development stage and we want to act fast to make the app even more popular”, he added.

Learn French 5,000 Phrases now has a host of user-friendly features such as one forty thematic topics, three different difficulty levels, spin categories, French language learning games, just to name a few. The innovative and interactive user interface is also a unique selling proposition of the app, according to the developers. However, they told the press that due to the pressing demand from different parts of the world, they are now adding more language options to the app’s database. The owners said that the other apps in this series of m-learning apps would also be updated in the same way.

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