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The lymph nodes that are located on the either side of the back of the throat are called tonsils. The basic role of tonsils is to act as defense mechanisms against infections. However, when they are infected, a condition known as Tonsillitis occurs. It can occur in kids as well as adults of different age groups. The tonsils stop different types of bacteria and viruses entering the body via the mouth. And due to these they are also the most vulnerable for infections from the outside invaders. Tonsillitis or tonsil stones can be caused by viruses from common cold or bacteria from sore throats.

Each tonsil is a network of pits or crypts which store cells that aid in fighting infection. Tonsils have the power to protect the body against a variety of gastrointestinal infections and respiratory infections. Tonsillitis that is caused by virus is contagious and remains for a week or ten days but tonsillitis that is caused by bacteria can remain for two weeks. At TonsilStoneRemoval.org, one can find extensive information about tonsil stones, how they are caused, precautions to be taken, symptoms to look for, natural treatments, removal, diet, etc. Most of the times, tonsillitis can be treated at home with natural remedies and by eating and drinking warm fluids. Warm tea or broth can do the trick. One can keep gargling their throat with lukewarm salted water for relief. They can also use throat lozenges for relief from pain.

The site offers simple home remedies that can be used for treating tonsil stones. Grapefruit seed extracts, hydrogen peroxide, mouth rinse, supplements, antibiotics, baking soda, vinegar, etc. are some of the ingredients that are very helpful in treating the condition. There is a detailed description on how each and every method can be applied to get rid of the tonsil stones. The site also refers to some supplements that have positive effect on the condition. During this condition, it is important to follow good oral practices such as brushing the teeth twice a day, using a mouthwash, flossing, gargling with salt water, using the tongue scraper for cleaning the tongue, etc. These practices will help get rid of the condition fast.

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