West Midlands, England (November 05, 2009) - Commercial Kitchens Online, a leading UK equipment supplier to the catering industry, introduce clients to their equipment leasing options.

For any business, the set-up costs can throw you into negative equity before you even begin, particularly in a catering environment where expensive ovens and hygienic work surfaces are needed. Leasing from Commercial Kitchens Online is a cost effective option.

Commercial Kitchens Online work in partnership with various leasing companies to provide catering solutions for many catering institutions including hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants, plus leasing plans are flexible and cost effective, often more-so than taking a loan from a bank.

Moreover equipment is held under warranty so if anything goes wrong it will be replaced - and if at the end of the lease term clients want to take full ownership of the equipment they have the option of paying just 2 further payments to do so - essentially spreading the purchase cost.

"Leasing catering equipment is a fast and cheap way to set up your business," comments Adam Sambrook, E-Commerce Manager of Commercial Kitchens Online. "A lease decision can be made within 48 hours of the application and you could be cooking up a storm in no time."

For more information on Commercial Kitchens Online please call 01384 275 759 or visit: www.commercialkitchensonline.com