Led, short for Light Emitting Diode has become Aaron's serpent in fashion design as its significance in compact size and shock resistance. The appealing lighting increases attractiveness to hats, dresses, shoes etc. These outfits with led light are tremendously popular among the young. Scot is a street dancer, and he likes to try new wears with new technology. Today Scot’s new toy is led shoes. The light-up shoes appeared 10 years ago, the ones that blink and flash, activated by the pressure of the wearer's tread. But these led shoes are totally a different type. The led shoes perform the cutting edge technology of led lighting, rechargeable lithium battery and simulation control with smart phones.

In that evening, Scot came out and met his dance squad in the Pinellas Park of Kenneth city. He was excited to show his crew the brand new shoes with the latest technology. He turned on the shoes by pressing the button inside the shoes near the tongue, and then he took out his phone and clicked an APP. As his fingers flipped on the APP, the shoes changed rainbow colors accordingly. While the dance team decided to dance to a hot song played from a boom box, Scot selected Rhythm function in that App and his fascinating shoes shine dynamic light to the rhythm of the music!

The shoes produced by Ledshoe are able to overcome the challenges of integrating footwear and electronics, each contains wireless Bluetooth module and a charging circuit and a lithium battery, as well as the high-density LED strip around the sole. The LEDs, designed to allow users to map interactions between light and sound, can be controlled via a connected app that communicates with the shoes via Bluetooth. Also they can be used with the free iOS/Android App that Ledshoe has developed.

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