Document review is the time consuming and costliest aspect of judicial proceeding. Traditionally, attorneys spent hours through vast amount data to filter the responsive from the non-responsive. The legal document review attorney procedure involves classifying relevant, responsive, and privileged documents from electronically stored information. This process is also known as electronic discovery.

Previously, documents were collected in standard paper format. All Organizations and attorneys used to view these documents manually which was costlier and time consuming process. As the number of cases increasing and with the limited availability of space, attorneys moved towards the use of new technologies for a speedy document review process. These Latest tools and technologies made paralegals to review huge number of document within a short span of time.

There are several elements that need to be taken into consideration before you zero upon the perfect litigation support provider. Confidentiality, quality level, turnaround time, understanding the terms and conditions of us law system, and cost effectiveness

Service offering organization should be effective and fast, to make the clients excited and beneficial. A good legal services company should have attorneys, with latest technologies and tools, making their services cost effective and accurate.

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