Announcing the launch of a beautifully simple, and potentially lifesaving, app for the iPhone. !Emergency! uses your phone‘s location data to dial the emergency services contact number for the country that you are in.

Did you know there are hundreds of different emergency services telephone numbers across the world, and many countries have different numbers for Police, Medical or Fire departments? In some European countries it‘s 112, in Australia it‘s 000, in New Zealand 111, 171 in Venezuela, and it could be 197, 190 or 198 in Tunisia, depending on your emergency.

Whether you‘re away on business, or holidaying, if you travel a lot then this app is for you.

11.7 million 911 calls are received daily in the US alone. It‘s bad enough if this happens to you, but if it happens in a country where you don‘t know the number, this could be disastrous.

On launching the application, it will determine your location, selecting from a database of hundreds of countries. It will then ask for confirmation, before dialling the correct emergency telephone number.

Just install, and the app takes care of the rest. With most similar apps you need to program in the emergency number for your country, but not !Emergency!. It comes preloaded with a huge database of numbers from around the world. So where those other apps become useless, !Emergency! comes into its own.

Wherever you are, you‘re safe with !Emergency!. One thing can be sure: you will never regret it installing it.

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