Holistic lifestyle channel for women over 50 years old, Fabulous50s, recently launched its complimentary eBook to help struggling mature women deal with stress proactively amidst the hardships of the COVID-19 crisis.

As a source of inspiration and motivation, Fabulous50s endeavours to share the well-researched knowledge of founder and content creator, Schellea Fowler, with mature women worldwide. Fabulous50s seeks to help women live happier, healthier, and stronger lifestyles. However, the COVID-19 crisis has prevented many women from living holistic lifestyles, leaving them suffering from incapacitating stress, in addition to the anxieties caused by gender-based societal pressures. Fowler saw the need for appropriate coping mechanisms and created Fabulous50s' complimentary eBook, "A Guide To Meditation," to fill this need.

Fowler said that, considering how fast-paced and strenuous daily modern life was before COVID-19, it's no surprise that so many women are succumbing to the financial and personal stresses caused by the pandemic. This has drastic outcomes for the health and wellbeing of mature women in particular. "With mature women, the physical effects of stress range from dark circles under the eyes to wrinkles, acne, poor sleep, anxiety and depression, body aches, chest pains, and of course, severe menopausal symptoms," she explained. By sharing her accessible, complimentary guide for beginners to learn the practice of meditation, Fowler seeks to help struggling mature women manage their stress and lead healthier, happier lives in the face of a worldwide pandemic.

According to Fowler, "Most mature women have too many duties, responsibilities, distractions, and routines taking up their time and attention" – a problem that has been amplified by the current crisis. With financial insecurity rife, there is now an additional barrier for struggling women. Fowler explained, "Women don't have the budget anymore to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars to get into coaching programs or attend workshops." She said that her complimentary eBook on practical, mindful meditation is an affordable, appropriate, and time-conscious way to deal with stress, anxiety, and the daily strains of modern living in a crumbling economy. By habitually incorporating even five minutes of meditation into daily routines, mature women can calm and train their minds to achieve mental clarity and an emotionally stable state.

Amongst scientifically proven increased self-awareness and esteem, relaxation, improved concentration, positive thoughts, sound sleep, and low blood pressure, the biggest benefits of meditation for mature women is the ability to manage stress, anxiety, and depression effectively. With years of research and self-experimentation, Fowler – a woman over 50 herself – has enjoyed an abundance of benefits from habitual meditation, with decreased stress being the most notable.

In Fabulous50s' eBook, mature women will get an in-depth understanding of how their mind naturally processes stimuli and the coping mechanisms they need to supplement this, as well as secular techniques to achieve a meditative state. As Fabulous50s focus is strictly holistic, women will also benefit from quick stress relief, breathing, best practice, and emotional reactivity reduction techniques.
Even in the time of Corona, Fowler hopes to make health, wellness, and happiness more accessible and affordable to mature women across the globe.

About us:
Fabulous50s is an Australian-based online holistic lifestyle community that acts as a source of inspiration, motivation, and knowledge on health, wellness, nutrition, beauty, fashion, and fitness for women in their fifties and beyond. Once an entrepreneur, now considered an authority on the topic, Founder, blogger, and video creator, Schellea Fowler, designed this platform to help mature women fall in love with themselves again and lead happier, healthier lifestyles in a judgemental society that has all but forgotten about them. Fowler has a passion for uncovering and sharing the world's leading techniques and tools for revolutionising the aging process – a desire she has fulfilled through Fabulous50s. For those who would like to access Fabulous50s' complimentary eBook guide, please email creator, Schellea Fowler, at [email protected] or visit https://fabulous50s.com/.

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