Lifestyle Wealth Group Officially Launches New, Interactive Website

Lifestyle Wealth Group, a Coral Springs-based financial planning agency founded by accomplished finance guru Cheryl Fields, this week announced the new, interactive digital website is officially open for business. Borne from a passion for equipping everyday people with the tools and insight they need to make informed financial decisions, Lifestyle Wealth Group can help clients in every difficult and overwhelming financial situation.

“It is my passion to share the proven strategies and smart approaches to financial investment with all American families,” said Fields. “After studying financial planning, working at the top with some of the most accredited industry leaders, and interviewing a string of investors who were able to retain their wealth after the 2008 market crash, I want to use my knowledge to help middle-class America. There are proven strategies that have been working for over 100 years, and I’m here to share them with everyone.”

Fields focuses on helping clients enjoy a debt free lifestyle, pay less in taxes and interest, and create tax-free income in retirement.

An experienced entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience, Fields decided to go back to school and master financial planning when she realized she wanted to know more about managing her money. Just as she was getting started, the market crashed in 2008. Not wanting to tell people hour after hour that they were broke, Fields decided to sit down with the big dogs and ask them how they hung onto their wealth through the 2008 meltdown.

After many interviews and meetings, Field had what she needed to professionally advise and help remediate the most daunting of financial situations.

“I searched far and wide for the most effective financial strategies; and I want to share them with the everyday citizen,” said Fields. “The world of finance is an elusive one, and it does require a basic understanding and thorough research to know the ins and outs. I’ve made it my life’s passion, and it will undoubtedly be what I pursue for the rest of my professional career. I want to help families, and the best place to start doing that is with the Lifestyle Wealth Group.”

Fields can assist families with questions on student debt, retirement, cost recovery, getting out of debt, college funding, and a sustainable path to prosperity. Additionally, Fields is available for life-changing talks, and can be booked for public financial planning seminars.

“The average American family is living on only 27 cents of every dollar they earn,” said Fields. “That’s just not right, and I’m here to show people why.”

Fields’ new website makes navigating different financial situations and booking her services straightforward and easy.

For more information, visit:

Cheryl Fields
Lifestyle Wealth Group
Phone: 561-465-5171
Address: 5944 Coral Ridge Dr #279, Coral Springs, FL 33076

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