Though the rise of the "digital era" is causing the music industry to suffer, they can still have confidence in the fact that their future artists can still bring a crowd. Record sales are falling, because of the abiltiy to download artists' desired songs illegally but free. If anything can save the industry it is the fact that talented artists can still make money by filling seats at a concert. Though this recession that our country has slipped into has put thick padlocks on listeners' wallets, there are still the select few of musicians that can force the locks open with their uncanny lyrical abilities.
Last Tuesday as I came out of the supermarket, I heard something that I have not previously heard on any Hip-Hop radio stations. The beat was great, the lyrics were well thought out, and the hook was definitely catchy. I was astonished, so I quickly approached the vehicle asking the listener how he stumbled upon such a song. It turned out he was an unsigned artist in Highland, CA. I wondered why I man like this had no record deal but then realised that his area wasn't exactly crawling with record labels and producers.
I received contact information from the listener, and decided that I would speak with this "unknown master lyricist". He told me he goes by the stage name of LiL' iLL, but don't let the stage name fool you, when it comes to creating future hits he is a heavyweight and not lil' at all. He told me that he has had his music played on a few internet radio stations and most notably one located in New York called Noyz Radio. He says he is played everyday there, and even has the music director passing out his music. So again I raise the question, "Why isn't he signed?" He told me the main reason is that he doesn't have the money for a professional promoting team. He works mainly of the internet and the telephone to promote his musci. Well for a guy that can't professionally promote himself he is doing great.
He is heard all over internet radio, has a large fan base from what I have seen, and even performs at local house parties. However, he is the poster boy of great talent that has to struggle everyday to help with supporting his siblings and pursue his passion. He has a great stage presence at these parties that quickly livens the party. His neighbors have even called his song "I Like That" a summer jam that unfortunately only a select few can hear. He challenged me to google him and see what pops up, and apparently this kid has been all over the world wibe web, because he was all over the first four pages. How many unsigned artists do you know have that? Even though I'm no music producer or talent scout, I know good music when I hear it and this is what i would call "GREAT" music. I just sure hope the industry finds this man and raises him to an altitude so high that no one else can breath there but him, because when it happens we will see barriers pushed that no one else thought music could be pushed to. The sky is the limit for this kid and if you don't believe me I dare you to listen to him. I guarantee you won't be dissappointed. He truly is the future of the industry.