Danny wants to buy a car. He knows what he needs in a car good mileage, enough room for his two kids and their dog, four-wheel drive, a good sound system. He knows what he wants in a car. The problem is finding a car that can provide him all of those things.
Where does he go?
If he‘s like the average consumer today, Danny goes online to try and gain knowledge. So Danny runs a Google search for his desired car features. He enters in search terms for ´minivan‘ and ´good mileage‘ and ´4-wheel drive‘. Immediately, he‘s inundated with way more information than he can process.
There are millions of sites clamoring for attention and at least fifty different cars that could possibly give him what he‘s looking for. He ends up sifting through contradicting advice, opinionated content and a lot of pretty crappy material.
Danny has no way of narrowing them down. He can‘t find information telling him how the car handles, whether it‘s large enough for his family, whether his dog will find the upholstery irresistible.
He doesn‘t have time to sift through thousands of Tweets and Blog posts and emails and IMs and websites to find the answer to his problem. All he wants is a person, with a sincere stake in his best interest, to offer a solution: a Knowledgeable Friend.
A win win solution
Linkcrafter has built a system like Yahoo Answers but for business purpose: to capture business opportunities by answering consumers‘ questions.
Consumers at large post their burning questions, needs or requests, and they will be provided in a short period, if not minutes, free personalized answers from experts and business professionals.
Once a customer‘s question is received, Linkcrafter‘s proprietary application searches the site‘s network of experts and routes the question to the small business professional most knowledgeable about the topic.
It is an incredible leads generating machine because the vast majority of questions involve purchase decision or service need.
Small businesses are motivated to respond quickly and thoroughly because they could mention their products or services, where relevant, in their answers, and furthermore Linkcrafter puts an advertisement for their business adjacent to the answer.
The main benefit of Linkcrafter for business professionals is the shift from chasing customers to customers coming to you, because first consumers come to them with their questions and needs.
Happy Danny
With Linkcrafter Danny is in a better position now than earlier. Danny uses a site where consumers receive quick and free professionals answers to their questions: Solution-feed.com.
Once Danny posts his need, the web application combs through a vast network of experts and professionals that offer an infinite willingness to provide answers to consumers‘ questions. Questions are routed to the most knowledgeable experts and Professional on the topic best. Answers come back within a short period, if not few minutes.
Danny question is sent to a profession in his region who loves cars, constantly reads car Magazines and the latest reviews, and who does a little repair work himself. He is more than willing to help. He gives Danny a couple of options to choose from, explains the pros and cons of each option, and sends Danny on his way ready to buy a car. Danny‘s probably feeling pretty good and confident at this point, and he‘s an informed consumer.
That‘s how we imagine the new Internet: an Internet that empowers people, not distract or get them lost.

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