Creating an intelligent link building network that you control

London, UK - Linktive has announced the release of their Public Beta site ( ), a fast, simple way to grow your business by creating an intelligent link building network that you control.

Until now website owners have had to spend days building link networks for their website. Linktive aims to make this process easy by providing a comprehensive, community-driven solution designed to harness the power of social networking, thus allowing Linktive users to design effective, affordable, and individually-tailored link networks. Linktive provides a professional, simple and easy to use interface with easy-to-understand language helping users to quickly and effectively use the service.

Bringing like minded site owners together

Site owners have an uphill battle trying find other site owners to help them build links and in turn a network of complimentary sites around their site. Through Linktive site owners are now able to communicate directly with other site owners to speed up the process of building their site's neighbourhood.

"Feedback from users say they have found Linktive to be a indispensable service that has streamlined the link building element of developing their site" says CEO Andy Clark. Andy continues "Site owners have been contacting us letting us know that they have always felt there has been a real need for this type of service and their satisfaction with Linktive."

Link Management

Linktive not only helps you build a link network but enables you to manage and maintain this network. Allowing you to track the clicks on your links which allows you to monitor and update your network, then adjust your links to maximise your link neighbourhoods performance. Linktive's ever expanding and growing network, means that you sites link neighbourhood will never become stale and outdated by keeping your incoming and outgoing links fresh and new.

Pricing and availability

During Linktive's Beta programme our full price plans, regularly Premium US$10 and Enterprise US$50 a month will be Free ($0) allowing for early adopters of our service to experience unlimited access and experience the full potential of Linktive. Linktive has an easy three step signup process visit for more information.

About Linktive

Linktive was built in response to experiences of CEO Andy Clark had as a new media consultant, during more than a decade of experience working with site owners who are trying to promote and maintain their websites. He was commonly asked if there are any tools available to build reliable, spam free and white label link networks for their websites. Linktive was built for this purpose using the latest programming technologies and designed with the end user in mind.

For further information, please contact:
Andy Clark, Linktive Ltd.
Tel: 0044 (0)20 323 99 8 33
Email: [email protected]