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Cerritos, CA, 15 Sep-, United States, 15 September 2009 Overview: With a record growth of 6.7 percent in the last quarter, Indian economy is a rife platform to launch a profiting business venture. Consider this:
• Ford Motor is launching new models in India.
• Youthful, affluent Indian middle class has panache for American products and services.
• Indian government is spinning tens of billions of dollars on power plants, airports, machinery, training services, and chemicals and has a pro American inclination.
These factors are a clearly indicative of the great opportunity that India beholds for any business.

To leverage this opportunity to the max, entrepreneurs need a clear understanding on what products, price and distribution changes are necessary for a successful business venture in India.
Join, Gunjan Bagla, the acclaimed author of Doing Business In 21st Century India and Managing Director of Amritt to discuss on various aspects of business expansion in India including:
• cross-cultural communications
• dealing with colleagues who are 8-12 time zones away
• business practices that may seem odd to American but are routine in Asia
• concerns about complying with American laws and international practices
• distributed product development, distributed marketing, customer service
• unique aspects of marketing, distribution, sales and credit assessment
• sourcing or outsourcing products and services from unfamiliar locations
• travelling or relocating to a seemingly alien society
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