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Cerritos, CA, 15 Sep-, United States, 15 September 2009 Overview: Economic slowdown has led to shoestring R&D budgets. Organizations across the globe are faced with the challenge of inaccurate business predictions due to lack of insightful R&D. The need of the hour is to devise methodologies and best practices that enable organizations to leverage the economic slowdown to revive their R&D practices.

How best can R&D managers meet corporate expectations in these turbulent times? How does the unfolding economic crisis affect the way Western R&D managers meet corporate expectations? Does the talent pool in India and China continue to provide good reason to change the dynamics of product development? Isn‘t it unpatriotic to send work overseas in these tough times? The live webinar would discuss all these issues and much more.

Interact with Amritt‘s R&D Practice Leader Dr. Atul Goel and Gunjan Bagla to discuss the ideas and examples of how some companies have successfully circumvented the global R&D challenges for a promising business future.

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• Megatrends relevant to Research & Development
• The Promise and the Pitfalls of using Asian resources for R&D
• Leveraging the slowdown as an opportunity to strengthen your product offerings

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