Paw Pals is offering personalized, full-service pet sitting by experts in pet first aid to the Northern Virginia area. Paw Pals ensures all staff are able to competently handle an emergency with the necessary first aid and crisis management skills, should an emergency arise on their watch. Recertification is required every two years to make sure training is up-to-date and the most recent techniques and knowledge are constantly studied to ensure total proficiency. In addition to pet first aid and CPR, Paw Pals staff is trained to administer a wide variety of medication, including insulin shots. This training makes Paw Pals one of the most qualified pet-sitting operations in Northern Virginia and one of the few options that caters to pets in need of medical attention. Paw Pals’ pet-sitting services aim to eliminate stress for both owners and pets. To that end, they are bonded and insured, unlike many pet-sitting businesses.

Local Paw Pals offers a wide array of pet-sitting services like non-overnight vacation visits, overnight pet-sitting, and a “bed & biscuit” service, where pets are housed overnight at a pet-sitter’s home. Dogs and cats, and other small animals are all eligible for their services. They also offer supplemental pet-sitting services like pick-up and drop-off, and light house-sitting duties.

In addition to their pet-sitting services, Paw Pals offers a large number of other services for pets and their owners. Dog-walking visits can be scheduled either mid-day, before, or after hours. These visits include walking, but also playtime, brushing, treats, food and water. Paw Pals also has a pet-supply service, where they can pick up supplies like food, litter, etc. as needed. Their taxi service can bring pets to the groomers or vets, or to any other location within their service area.

Paw Pals is a trusted, full-service pet sitting business that is locally owned and operated. It was founded by Mary Telesz, a 15-year pet-sitting veteran and animal lover. Her communication skills and dedication to getting pets and their families exactly what they need has made her a leader in the local community. Paw Pals can be reached by phone at (703) 345-1695. More information about all their services can be found on their website:

Carter Scott
Company: Paw Pals
Address: Centreville, VA
Phone: (703) 345-1695
Email: [email protected]