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Los Angeles, CA, November 29, 2009: Rene Taylor and Josefa Salinas, have something in common, they have been in Radio for over 20 years, both of them are community leaders, mothers and the face of Predatory Lending Victims and Loan Modification scams. On December 12 2009, they along with other community members including high ranking LAPD officers will tell their stories at Save The American Dream Round Table and Community Town Hall meeting. The event is hosted by Shirin Sharkawi, Author of Save The American Dream, How to modify Your Mortgage and Rebuild Your Credit, as well as a Housing Advocate and Host of the Nationally Syndicated Homeownership Talk Segment, on the Warren Ballentine Show.

Shirin Sharkawi met the two women when she was a guest on Hot 92 Jamz, a Los Angeles based radio station, educating families about the pitfalls of Predatory Lending. During an interview, Josefa Salinas realized she was a victim and so did other air personalities.

The Round Table and Community Town Hall meeting will be Web Cast Live Online, and ran on local and a nationally syndicated talk shows, to give consumers a voice and hold banks and political leaders accountable for Predatory Lending and Loan Modification scams. A four hour FREE Workshop, in Spanish and English, is to follow, with a $10 donation of canned goods for the local food banks. The workshop is a part of a blue print that has been created to mitigate foreclosures, assist consumers in lowering their mortgage payments, while rebuilding their credit.

Shirin‘s blue print utilizes technology to broadcast the message to large numbers of Americans, and has created accountability measures that allow consumers who go through her workshop to have a place to grade their lender. Report cards will be sent on a monthly basis to The CEO, President, top executives and board members of banks and lending institutions, to local and national government agencies, including a special delivery to President Obama, political leaders and posted on line, to show consumers which banks are assisting Americans and which are not. This along with her online community that counsels thousands, and with the release of her book , Shirin is quickly becoming a key figure in Saving the American Dream.

Growing up as a young Palestinian girl and the daughter of survivors of the 1948 Israel/ Palestine war, she knew the importance of land for the long term security and equality of families. In 2002, along with her best friend Lynn Davis, Shirin Sharkawi began the journey to Save the American Dream, by knocking on anyone and everyone‘s doors who could provide them a place to educate families about the pitfalls of Predatory Lending, and now loan modification scams.

Loan Modification scams and the lack of cooperation from banks, are stripping the last of what Americans have. We must continue to empower individuals with the knowledge to allow them to take control of their mortgage and credit, so they do not continue to fall victim.

“I am still knocking on doors, and will keep knocking until the housing issue is put on the forefront” comments Shirin.

With the support of friends, family and celebrities such as Jessie Justice Smith, American Gladiator and Real Life Superhero, Shirin and a group of industry experts, will travel the country with a series of town hall meetings followed by workshops to allow Americans a voice while arming them with the tools and education.

Invites have been sent out to local and national political leaders, whom community members want to hear from during these risky economic times.
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