There is no better way to discover Hanoi than by bike. Lotussia Travel, a Hanoi-based travel agency has just discovered a new bicycle tour offering travelers an opportunity to experience both the old quarter of Hanoi and its new suburb area in a half day.

The tour starts at 8:00am. A biking guide from Lotussia Travel will meet the guest up at their. He then give a brief explanation about the biking route, riding tips and related information. Leaving hotel, bikers will follow an narrow road where there is surprisingly little noise of bike horns. Keep cycling along these small streets until you reach the peach garden there you cross the river to join an immense corn field. As you cycle through the corn field, and vegetable gardens, you will see how the life is quiet and peaceful after just few minutes cycle out your hotel.

The dog barks; farmers plant vegetable working on their fields; children play on their house court with simple toys…these are common sceneries you will experience during the trip. Stopping by a local house and talking with local people will make this trip more enjoyable.

After around two hours bike, travelers will arrive the Long Bien historical bridge. It is a good time to have some short rest before biking to another part of Hanoi. Long Bien bridge is a historic cantilever bridge across the Red River that connects two parts of the city of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is also commonly referred to as the Paul Doumer Bridge. After crossing the bridge, continue cycling through local villages, rice fields and smiling faces. With the guide, you will know further on how the Vietnamese farmers plant rice and how their culture, customs are.

According to the company‘s director Nguyen Khuong, this half day bicycle tour is a good choice for both business and leisure travelers, those who like discovering Hanoi on their own way actively and differently.

For more information about the tour either visit its website or email to [email protected]