It is found in the survey though the global economic has been suffering from the recession, the purchasing power of Chinese consumers of luxury goods have not been affected. In the survey of 1000 urban consumers participated in, Louis Vuitton is the most popular brand of apparel goods, as Cartier is the best brand in watches and jewelry industry.
The Executive Director Cai Yi Si (Christophe Cais) of Shanghai Albatross (Albatross Global Solutions) who is responsible for carrying out the survey yesterday said at a press conference in Hong Kong: "The economic downturn does not impact on the mainland of China, the market still has very large potential for development.”
The president of Rod Public Relations in Asia Jean-Michel Dumont said: After the test of financial crisis, major luxury brands aware of the importance of the Chinese market. The first-line cities are the strategic fortress to establish and consolidate the image of brands in China while the second-line cities the key factor to be successfully deeply rooted in the Chinese market.
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