Northbrook, IL ( 12PressRelease ) August 27, 2009 The assembly of recreational vehicles, as well as the manufacturing of the parts used in these RVs, made up a huge part of the economy in the Elkhart, Indiana, area. With the closing of many of these plants, the residents of Elkhart County, Indiana, are experiencing previously unknown financial hardships. Macey & Aleman, one of the largest consumer bankruptcy firms in the country has recently opened a new office at 2901 E. Bristol St., Suite C, Elkhart, Indiana, to advise Indiana residents of their financial rights to seek court protection by filing for personal bankruptcy (

According to Tyler Bellin, an attorney with Macey & Aleman, “Many residents of Elkhart County and the surrounding areas have been unable to meet their daily living expenses. Those who were gainfully employed and able to pay all of their bills now find themselves unable to do so. People are facing the loss of their home or vehicle or have already lost these properties and now face collection of the deficiency balances.”

Bellin, who graduated suma cum laude from Arizona State University, received his Juris Doctor from Valparaiso University School of Law. He has practiced bankruptcy law ( with Macey & Aleman for a year and half.

Bellin went on to say that Macey & Aleman/Legal Helpers is able to offer the residents of Elkhart County a ray of hope. “Through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can eliminate most, if not all, of a person‘s unsecured debt and give them a fresh start…through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can help people try to save their homes from foreclosure and/or consolidate their debt into a payment plan that they can afford. When the economy improves, those folks will not be burdened by large debt and can begin rebuilding their equity and savings again.”

Macey & Aleman,, has a client base of over 150,000 in its consumer bankruptcy practice group and now represents 40,000 new clients annually. The law firm has over 25 offices throughout the country with experienced attorneys answering the telephones six days a week. Macey and Aleman enjoys a national reputation for excellence in the representation of debtors who are in financial distress.

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