Throwaway Girl is expected to begin production this Spring, and Video Star is expected to begin production this Summer. Both feature newcomer Kade Tabin in the title roles. Sasebo has also just been announced with aims to begin production early next year. The company is currently seeking financing for all three films. For those interested in purchasing producer credits and/or a percentage of each film, you can find details at

Ryan currently wrapped production as an actor on two new films from director Gregory Hatanaka (Samurai Cop 2, Mad Cowgirl, Blue Dream). Choke, which features Ryan as the serial killer known as Brandon, and the giallo-stylized Heartbeat. Both films are expected to be released by Cinema Epoch this Spring.

The Ted Bundy Had a Son trilogy from Ryan is expected to finish production this Spring. The first film in the trilogy includes more than 110 directors worldwide who contributed scenes to the movie. Wild Eye Releasing is distributing. The option to purchase producer credits will close very soon. The trilogy picks up where the Amateur Porn Star Killer trilogy left off over a decade ago. Wild Eye also picked up rights to Ryan’s APSK trilogy and will be giving the series a 4th edition release, along with Ryan’s coming of age drama, The Girl Who Wasn’t Missing.

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