Environmental concerns are driving the need for greener and efficient display systems with better image quality and lower power consumption. The advances in nanotechnology and optoelectronics resulted in the introduction of next-generation display products. The next-generation display market comprises of those displays that consume lesser power than CRT, LCD, and plasma technologies. This market is segmented into flexible, transparent, three-dimensional, midair, double-sided, touchscreen, and 2D one-sided displays. The basic technologies in all these displays are LED, OLED, FED, electroluminescent and field emissive display, electrochromic, electrophoretic and electrowetting displays.

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In 2008, the market size of next-generation display components was $6 billion that is expected to grow exponentially by 2014 because of the increasing use of the next generation display components in consumer electronics. This revenue potential highlights the immense opportunity in the next-generation display market.

Fragmentation and intense competition in the electronics industry has induced electronics manufacturers to improve upon the quality and reduce the prices of their products. Therefore, the expensive ingredients and large R&D investments required for next-generation displays act as a major restraint for the growth of this market. However, the evolution of the next-generation display market into a mainstream market is expected to overcome all these restraints.

Low labor cost and early initiatives have made Asia a dominant player in the next-generation display market, with a $3.7 billion or a 52% global market share in 2009. Asia‘s large LED and OLED supplier-base also helps make the manufacture of these displays more cost-effective. Europe is expected to have the second-highest market for next-generation displays. The large consumer base of next-generation display devices in the U.S. and Europe makes them the most attractive markets for display components and device manufacturers.

In 2009, the market for 2D one-sided display is expected to dominate with a 72% market share, followed by the touchscreen display market with a share of 19%. The high market share of 2D one-sided display is mainly due to its low power consumption and its wide range of applications in industrial, advertising, entertainment, and consumer electronics sectors. The flexible display market is expected to grow at a high rate due to an increase in the demand for flexible, lightweight displays. 3D and midair display markets will have relatively smaller market shares but high growth rates due to the technical benefits they offer, such as uniform and stable 3D images.

Asia has the highest number of patents with a 39% share, closely followed by the U.S. with 35%. The increase in demand for lighter, thinner, efficient and low power consuming displays resulted in an increase in the number of patents filed in 2008 for LED, OLED and electrochromic displays.
The key players in this next-generation market include E-ink, RitDisplay, Samsung SDI, Sony, Toshiba, and Universal Display Corp.

Our analysis indicates that companies delivering improved and better performing next-generation display components will have an edge over their competitors. Agreements and collaborations as well as new product launches are some of the most popular strategies adopted by market players to stay ahead of competition and to expand into new geographies.

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