What we offer?

www.iWedlive.com, is a comphrensive wedding platform. It is made for modern day people. We offer several free tools that couples and their families can utilize.

Some tools that are part of your personal wedding website :

1.Upload wedding Photo Albums

2.Upload wedding Videos

3.Free wedding Invitations

4.Wedding Planner

and many more( we are adding by the day).

Please take a moment to check out the rest at www.iWedlive.com

Why Live Wedding?

World is struggling with economic crises, but when it comes to celebration, it is difficult to compromise, and if it is wedding there is no room to compromise at all. Hope you got the answer why Live wedding. Wedding cannot be complete without friends and relatives, if some of them who are very close to you and for some reason are unable attend your big day, it really hurts. This is where www.iWedlive.com fills the gap, with www.iWedlive.com now every one can watch your wedding as it is happening, across the globe no matter where they are, all they need a computer with a broadband internet, come-on invite everyone.

Who are we?

www.iWedlive.com born out the need for practical and affordable live wedding, at the time there were hardly anyone with sensible live wedding video broadcasting solutions, from such a need emerged the worlds best live wedding media and an all inclusive wedding services platform. We are a GSR Tech, a group of professionnals with expertise in various technologies, pionering in video streaming, video streaming servers, web based streaming clients, flash based streaming clients, video conferencing to name just a few of our focus area, this apart from our command over a wide spectrum of web technologies.

How are we different?

We come across one or two websites claiming to stream wedding video, frankly they are all looking at your money, simply because its a wedding they charge huge sums for streaming to a handful of online of viewerrs, at www.iWedlive.com we make it economical as well as practical, live wedding or live anything for us is just video streaming, we charge for only for the value addition we are doing, just because you are using it to live your wedding we don't charge you the heaven, in fact we are streatching to make it entirely free, which is our dream and we will realize it one day, most of the services are free except live weddings and maintaining your bridal registry.