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Glycolic acid:- Glycolic acid is recognized in terms of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. It is used to improve skin's appearance and texture. It's given in small percentages applied to the skin. Glycolic acid cream mainly use as a moisturizer. It is also used as an excellent exfoliant for dead and dry skin. It is effective in smoothing the surface of skin. It prevents blckheads, pigmantation also. Mederi Clinicals introduces various type of product on Glycolic acid like Glycolic Renewal Moisturizer RX, Glycolic Kit RX (lotion), Glycolic Kit RX (creme) , Glycolic Face Cream.

Glycolic Renewal Moisturizer RX- This moisturizer is formulated for dry and dead skin. It is effective in smoothing the surface of the skin.

Glycolic Kit RX (lotion) & Glycolic Kit RX (creme)- This two product are ideal for oily, problematic, acneic mature and flaxy skin type.

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