Cost-effective Medical Review Services for Physicians

Medical review services, medical case summaries, medical case chronology, and medical record organization are some of the services available for physicians. The benefits that one stands to gain by outsourcing these services include improved quality and efficiency, multi-tier QA, dedicated workforce, personalized services, quick to respond customer service, competitive pricing, and personalized turnaround. As part of the medical record review process, all available medical records, x-rays, affidavits, depositions, physician records, and other records in the office are reviewed to compare the real happenings with respect to applicable and suitable standards of care.

With respect to medical review services for physicians, one can get help with medical malpractice, personal injury, toxic torts, worker‘s compensation, wrongful death, environmental law, criminal, and products liability.

Solutions for a Variety of Medical and Legal Entities

Apart from solutions for physicians, medical review services are also available for:

• Attorneys
• Chart Review Firms
• Insurance Companies
• Private Corporations
• Medical Legal Consultants
• Medical Examiners

Services for which such review services may be required include nonsurgical obesity, autism related services, cognitive therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic solutions, musculoskeletal solutions, bariatric surgery, occupational therapy, spinal fusion, special investigations, and low vision rehabilitation.

Getting Hold of the Right Medical Review Service Provider

Some points to keep in mind when looking for a superior provider of medical review services for physicians are unbiased and plausible opinions, patient data is kept private, quality assurance, development of chronologies and timelines, and strict protocols. Other services that can be taken advantage of in addition to medical review are medical chart review, medical chart organization, and medical chart conversion.