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International Event Announcement:

MediTourExpo 2009 Conference on International Medical Tourism and eHealth Workshop

“New Age of Medical Tourism”

Sydney, Australia— 9-10 September 2009

Venue: Shalom College Eric Caspary Learning Centre, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Kensington Campus, Sydney, Australia.


An International Symposium Series Featuring Emerging Trends, Addressing Concerns & Offering Solutions
This two-day symposium will feature specialized topics on the globalization of healthcare, presented by leading academics and industry professionals, focusing on international medical travel and tourism and related issues.
International experts will address trends in the rapidly growing medical tourism industry and associated problems, dangers and safety concerns:
» Medical transport protocols and procedures
» Potential dangers in the rapid growth in commercial medical tourism and ethical issues and dilemmas in marketing and advertising
» International certifications for physicians and hospitals — comparative overview
» International Medical Tourist Zones (IMTZs) — a new global healthcare system: affiliation process, development and investment opportunities
» Medical Tourism Associations and Organizations — their purpose, role and functions »
» Medical tourism abroad — how does it affect Australia?
» International legal issues for healthcare consumers — new approaches and solutions

The symposium will introduce International Medical Tourist Zones (IMTZs) — a new model for delivering the highest level of quality healthcare available outside the USA through a planned system. IMTZs will contain specially designed resort hotels, medical treatment and recovery facilities and spa facilities designed to provide alternative and complimentary services. The first IMTZs are planned for Mexico and Poland. For more on the IMTZ model,
Sydney, Australia— 9-10 September 2009

Objectives and Targeted Audience

The purpose of the Symposium is to facilitate networking opportunities for industry professionals, academics and interested members of the public and to provide a forum for organizations and institutions to collaborate and create a new global healthcare system. The potential audience will be wide ranging and include medical and dental healthcare practitioners, hotel and tourism facilitators, the building and construction industries, academics, healthcare consumers, NGO representatives and the general public. Local and Australian media will report the event and segments of this Symposium (and future Symposiums to be held in Mexico and Europe) will be used to promote the International Symposium to be held in Las Vegas in 2011

The venue: The Shalom College Eric Caspary Learning Centre is a new, state-of-the-art conference facility. Shalom College is located at the heart of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Kensington Campus in Sydney, Australia. It is easily accessible from the city and the many nearby seaside suburbs.

The two-day event is designed to attract the following potential attendees: » Medical and dental practitioners » Hotel and tourism vendors and facilitators » Construction industry vendors and service providers » Academics and others

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