Melasma also known as Chloasma is a very common skin condition that is mostly found in women. It is a condition wherein brown patches or slight skin discoloration can be found on the face. When women are pregnant they go through a variety of hormonal changes. This is one of the reasons why this condition occurs. It can also be seen in women who use contraceptive pills which again lead to hormonal changes in the body. The condition also occurs when women are exposed to too much sunlight. Usually the condition fades away after the pregnancy and after discontinuing the pills. The condition can usually be self-diagnosed. There is no need for lab tests or any other tests. A medical professional can help suggest different products. The skin lightening creams will do the trick in most of the cases. But there is no need to go for those expensive skin treatments.

One can prevent melasma by following simple tips. One must ensure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. They can wear hats when going out in the sun and prevent the UV rays from hitting the skin directly. Sunscreens also provide great relief and one must not go out of the house without applying a good sunscreen. Sunscreens should be applied at all times including the winters. People suffering from Melasma should avoid using harsh cosmetic or makeup products. These products are full of chemicals that can irritate the skin and can worsen the skin condition.

Patients need not panic and worry about this condition. In fact they have to remain calm and stress free and give the condition some time to get treated. Many dermatologists will suggest their patients to use chemical peels, laser removal and use of creams. These treatments aim at lightening the pigmentation and to tone the skin. But it all depends on the skin as to how well it responds to treatment. For some patients it might just take a few days and for others it might take months. Whatever the time may be, they should just make it a rule to follow a good skin care regime by using the best products and following home remedies as suggested in the site below.

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