Fl,USA.........................There are some top tips for improving your memory all of which are covered here. In this article we will focus on exercise as a specific way to boost your brainpower and super charge your memory.

Your brain, of course, is part of your body so anything you do to help tone and improve your body will benefit your brain enormously. The main ways for us to help our bodies is in being aware of what we eat and giving ourselves enough exercise. Being overweight puts a strain on our brains and memories as well as our hearts. The reason that that happens is because we are more inclined to develop high blood pressure and may become diabetic - these factors lead to poorer memory as well as faster aging. Not good news! If you want to slow down that aging process losing weight is the very best way.

Whether you are overweight or not doing gentle and regular exercise is a sure-fire winner for boosting your brain and improving your memory. In fact exercise is wonderful for draining away the toxins we accumulate from living stressful lives. Not only that but the exercise also improves blood flow to the brain, waking up some sleepy neurons and getting things going again. So think back to times in your life when you were more energetic and remember what parts of your exercise routine you enjoyed most then. Did you like doing things as part of a class - for example, yoga, aerobics, spinning or did you much prefer a sport or routine that you could do on your own, such as swimming, gym workout, walking. Another alternative would be if you used to enjoy team sports such as netball, football, or pairs workouts like squash, tennis or badminton. Whatever it was about those things that you enjoyed take that as your starting point for your new exercise routine. You will never stick to it if you don't at least like it - even better if you love it and have fun doing it.

Once you have begun that exercise on a daily basis you will notice changes very quickly - certainly within two to three weeks. Your brain will be sprouting new connections and generally being livelier when it has to problem-solve or decision make. You will probably also notice yourself becoming better coordinated. This is also something that is controlled by the brain and the exercise you are doing now will have been making sure that the two side of the brain 'speak' more fluently and frequently with one another and that helps our balance. Many of us spend a lot of time with one hemisphere dominating the other and what we need is balance.

No article on brain and memory improvement would be complete without mention of another kind of exercise - mental gymnastics! These actually encourage new growth in your brains which means that new cells are connecting to areas where they have never been before. These new networks allow you to enlarge and dramatically improve your memory capacity. Pick up that crossword or anagram in the newspaper and have a go at it everyday. You will be doing your brain and memory a HUGE favour.

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