There is an emerging kind of minister taking root in today‘s society, and the numbers are growing. Referred to as “Independent Ministers,” they serve the needs of a changing America. These “Independents” are in need of a new type of seminary and are finding a home at The Ministerial Seminary of America.

As the world shrinks and cultures merge, there is an increasing need for Independent Ministers to perform intercultural, interracial and interreligious spiritual services. The need increases every day as attendance at the neighborhood church continues to decline. Independent Ministers are performing weddings, memorials, baby dedications, house blessings and a variety of other services.

Independent Ministers across the country are in need of a new type of seminary where they can find support, community, education, training and spiritual guidance. The Ministerial Seminary of America, located in Darnestown, Maryland, was established to provide support to independent ministers across the country.

Founded upon the principles of A Course in Miracles—that we are all “Teachers of God”—and reinforced with the Biblical interpretation of what it means to be pre-ordained by God, the Seminary believes that ordination comes from God, not man.

“We are all Ministers of God,” states Reverend Barbara S. Eberle, Founding Member of the Seminary. “People are suffering. There are many needs to be ministered to. I believe God calls each of us to the ministry. It is only a matter of time.”

“I‘m an advocate for education,” Rev. Barbara continues, yet suffering is happening now. I‘m also an advocate for getting busy, right now, to help in any way possible. Ordination provides an avenue to serve those who are suffering. Suffering can‘t wait until that Ph.D. is achieved.”

The seminary provides online ordination to those who feel called to get ordained as a Minister. Ministers will find that the seminary offers a strong support system designed to help them establish their ministry, obtain further training and education, obtain spiritual counseling, life coaching, and attend spiritual retreats.

Courses offered through The Ministerial Seminary lead to certification in specific areas of study. These include, Spiritual Witnessing Counseling, Spiritual Relationship Counseling, Nondenominational Christian Ministry, Emergent Christian Ministry, Interfaith Ministry, Wedding Ministry and Course in Miracles Counseling.

Certification courses are offered to all ordained ministers, either ordained through the seminary or through another organization.

“We have been warmly welcomed by our students,” states Rev. Barbara. “It is an honor to have them as a part of our seminary.” Study toward a certification through the seminary provides academic challenge as well as introspective spiritual and personal growth. All courses can be completed online and the seminary offers tuition payment plans. Registration can be completed at or by calling (301)529-2895.

The Ministerial Seminary of America, LLC, was founded by
Reverend Barbara S. Eberle, MA, OMC. Rev. Barbara received her B.S. in Human Behavior and Social Science from the University of Maryland System and her M.A. in Family Psychology through Vermont College of Norwich University. She became an Ordained Ministerial Counselor by completing studies at Pathways of Light.

You can reach the seminary at:

The Ministerial Seminary of America, LLC
12154 Darnestown Road #340
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

[email protected]