Orange County, CA, 11/7/2009 - Online magazine for women created by a female health and fitness expert addresses all female concerns often ignored by male leaders of online and print media industries.

Women's true needs have been long ignored due mainly to the fact that nearly every major magazine and website which is aimed at females is run by males, who don't generally understand women's deeper emotional and physical issues.

Female health and fitness expert, Olesya Novik, has decided to "break the mold" by starting up an internet-based magazine that is to cover issues often ignored or downplayed by everyone from others in the male-dominated fitness industry, to everyday individuals.

"It's about time women are accepted for their unique needs and stop having to conform to the standard set for them by the male leaders of not only the fitness industry, but often the media industry, as well," says Olesya.

After seeing big corporations focus on marketing their respective products to unsuspecting women, Ms. Novik made up her mind to establish an internet database that would be unbiased in all of its published material.

Being that she herself has experienced her share of being misunderstood as a female in a male world, Olesya says that her primary wish is to give back to the female community.

To do so, she provides her readers with daily factual articles that address the physical aspect of female health as much as the emotional, which is usually ignored by the bigger corporation-run magazines and websites. Additionally, provides unbiased review articles only possible due to the fact that the company itself does not directly sell any of the products reviewed.

Some news story topics include in-depth information on various types of eating disorders, a large selection of healthy, low fat meal ideas and low carb dessert recipes, beauty tips for everyone from those looking to splurge, to women on a budget, and fitness advice articles meant to work in the real world, written by leaders of the fitness industry. seems to have captured the balance between providing its readers with palpable care in the form of real-time support through its integrated, active community forum, and no-nonsense advice directed at women looking to improve various aspects of their lives.

Upon spending a few minutes reading this webzine, it becomes apparent that it manages to provide very serious, life-altering advice in an entertaining, easy to understand format. It gives information without losing its entertainment value where other similar sites seem to fail at striking this balance, providing either one, or the other.

Olesya Novik herself is very open to helping the many members of her new online community with everything from friendly advice, to health, fitness, and beauty information she's acquired from her many years in the health and fitness fields.

"If any of the ladies ever need help with anything at all, they know to contact me by email or sending me a message, and I always get back to everyone the same day. I'm here for them at all times, and I think knowing that has helped quite a few of our ladies improve different aspects of their lives where they wouldn't have had the strength to do so on their own," she says. Talk about personal attention!

The growing community is always on the lookout for more members, welcoming them into its ever-expanding family with open arms and no judgment.


For more information or to schedule an interview with Olesya Novik, please email [email protected]