Not many things you can do to reassemble a habitation or commercial constructed dwelling will make the viewable difference of installing stone and tile. I have been in the industry for over twenty years and have designed incalculable types of stone and tile in a type of installation situations. There are fixed materials that are best suited for some jobs than other. For example, it is best to use a granite or hard porcelain for floor and counter-top installations
due to their unbelievable sturdiness over time. Likewise, marble and travertine tiles are best to use on walls and non-traffic installs due to their great beauty but relatively softer characteristics.

When installing tile it is important to prepare the materials and gear that will be needed. When building tile you need a lot of buckets for mixing and later for cleaning the tile or stone. It is also a wise idea to have a strong mixer due to the density of thinsette and grout materials. If you are consturctiong stone you might need profile shaping wheels or buffers to finish rounding out a shaped cut. Of all the tools on the job probably one of the most important is a quality tile saw.

A tile saw, such as the MK 101-Pro 10-inch Tile saw, should be designed to be durable and reliable. On a job-site a tile saw can be used quite a bit for near constant cutting and minor shaping of stone and tile. The tile saw should be able to handle the endless duty-load of the jobs that you would likely to udertake. It is wise to check and make sure that the saw that you are using can handle the cuts that you will need to make. For example, if you were going to be cutting floor tile, it would be a good procedure to see if your tile saw can do a diagonal cut of the flooring tiles you're installing.

The MK-101 Pro has an exceptional rip capability of a full 20-inches. The Mk 101 pro tile saw has a rugged 2 horsepower motor that is entirely enclosed and has a fan to assist with cooling. The tile saw MK 101 pro can cut a 6-inch and an 8-inch profile wheel. The MK tile saw is zinc finished and is extremely durable against rust and run-of-the-mill wear. The tray on the tile saw MK is hugely smooth which makes it very carefree to make smooth superior cuts.

One of the most influential aspects to extended life in a tile saw is a well built water pump. The tile saw MK 101 pro uses a high quality water pump that applies water on both sides of the blade, this helps to warrant that the blade stays cool. The blade remain cool via the water pump helps to keep the blade usage down while also creating less wear on the power train.

The MK-101 pro has a superabundance of features, but in the long run, the MK tile saw is one of the best built and longest lasting tile saws that I have ever used. I have seen an MK 101 last for years of constant usage without having any situations. If you need a powerful wet saw that is both all-purpose and a delight to use, this would be the MK tile saw for you!

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