MLM Tips for Managing Your Downline

If you ever hope to have any success in network marketing, you just can't do it by yourself. You have to have a team. And, same as any other team, your network marketing downlines require some management. If it doesn't have it, that group will most likely stop growing or leave entirely.

Unfortunately, however it's an easy idea to comprehend, it isn't always so simple to successfully do. By using these network marketing tips with your downline, you may expand your business quicker and stronger.

To start with, you want to grasp the three categories of distributors that constitute your business:

1. Distributors From Hell. Those are the ones that completely suck the life out of you every day. They're the dark clouds that have no business in this business. They come to meetings and bellyache. They're never without excuses. The products aren't proper, their sponsor doesn't call back instantly enough. You name it, they'll grumble about it. They will use up all of your time if you allow them. The best tip is to not recruit them at all. But if they weasel their way in to get in your downline, DO NOT allocate too much of your day on them. Don't dive into their trap! You will never fix someone like that. Never.
2. The Rank and File Downline Distributors. By far, the greatest number of your associates will be ones who range from somewhat interested to utterly motivated, but not necessarily superstars. Which is in fact fine. Together, that is the core of your organization. So you need to be wise relating to your time. Give abundant support so that they have the chance to become more, but use caution not to do it all for them. Since they may not be quite skilled in network marketing, they may try to make you to close all their people, handle all their computer work and work on all their problems. You must coach, support and empower them, but demand that they grow their own knowledge. Convene team trainings and encourage webinar attendance so that they get the knack of how to do things by themselves. Be completely present for them, but keep in mind that you are not their secretary or customer service rep!
3. The Builders. These are those rare, honest to goodness entrepreneurs that take command of their sales and do anything it takes to make it happen, no matter what. We adore someone like that. But be careful! It is a regular management mistake to focus on the weak, because they are the ones that need the help. Builders are self-sufficient, so they don't need your constant attention, right? Wrong!

A common example: You have 2 distributors in your downline for a while. Distributor A brings on 1 person, and Distributor B sponsored 5.

You're working truly hard with Distributor A to get him his 2nd one, thinking that he just needs one more to get rolling. Before recognizing it, you make Distributor B secondary, as she's doing great and won't require any hand-holding.

But think about it. If you invest your time doubling Distributor A's success, you'll add 1 distributor to your downline. Double Distributor B's achievement and you'll add 5. And in case you didn't know, 5 new distributors multiplying your business is more valuable than 1.

Focus For Success

As your downline organization builds, you will begin to get busy. Focus one-on-one and give constant attention to your Builders, support and grow your Rank and File, beware of your time sucking Distributors From Hell and watch your downlines grow strong.

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