MO-Call application for Blackberry now more user friendly

( London Morodo‘s highly popular mobile application, MO-Call for BlackBerry has recently received a face lift in order to make navigation around the MO-Call app seamless and intuitive.

The graphically redesigned user interface allows all users to choose the desired calling set-up mode very quickly. If the application is ON, the user is presented with two options for redirecting the call to the Morodo network; international calls or all calls (include local and national calls). If using MO-Call World service the call back request can be invoked via the handset‘s Internet connection or via SMS.

“To stay competitive in this environment you must continually challenge yourself to do better having regard to your customer‘s needs and wants. We believe we have done that with the new BlackBerry App for MO-Call. We are very pleased to announce the release of our new version and hope our BlackBerry fans will be happy with. New and existing MO-Callers are invited to download or update to the latest version,” says Andrew Reid, CEO of Morodo.

To update to the latest version, delete the old application and install the new version. For downloading MO-Call, users can head to the BlackBerry downloads section on the website or go to from the handset‘s browser.

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Seeking to re-define the way we communicate via mobile devices and the Internet, Morodo helps people keep in touch with whomever they want, whenever they want, from any device they want.

Morodo provides telecommunications services to hundreds of thousands of people around the world through the MO-Call software applications for mobiles and computers. Simple and seamless to use, MO-Call offers easy access to free and low-cost calling for anyone, anywhere.

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