Eindhoven, the Netherlands
A world known manufacturer of multimedia products for TomTom devices, such as TomTom Media Center, Mobilnova Company announces new features of TomTom Media Center: PDF reader and games support. Now all users of Media Center for TomTom will be able to read PDF documents and play games on their GPS devices. And GPS navigators can be easily used not only for navigation functions.

Media Center for TomTom Navigation systems by Mobilnova company is a full-featured entertainment software with video player, MP3 player, picture browser, PDF reader and games support. Moreover, it supports all MP3 files format and possesses video converter features. TomTom Media Center is an ideal choice for people, who spend a lot of time in business trips, travel or just have to entertain their children during long journey.

Thanks to Mobilnova, Media Center for TomTom is enhanced with multimedia functionality, what turns all-in-one TomTom devices into a portable video, MP3 player, picture browser, PDF reader and gaming console.

For the sake of convenience, the Interface of Media Center for TomTom supports the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian and Polish.

About Mobilnova:

Mobilnova company, located in the Netherlands, is a world leader and innovator in developing multimedia products (as Media Center for TomTom) for all models all TomTom integrated portable GPS navigation devices.

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