MOKSH…. That‘s what we call as “Service In Sorrow”

Moksh is a complete Hindu funeral solution service provider, we help in performing & organizing post death rituals, ceremonies & services under one roof, we stand for “Service In Sorrow” (Death), we take care of all said-unsaid needs in the hour of distress (Death).
Ages and decades passed away the Hindu tradition still is intact with age old grace and divinity, with few or minor changes today we perform our rituals the very same way as they were performed in Satyug or Dwapur yuga , the age old belief that our soul rests in peace only once our body goes to pyre and merge in “Panch tatvas”, today everybody yearns for moksha, as well said by Lord Krishna one has to pay for his/her deeds & sins, but righty performed deeds & rituals of his own or performed by the family for him helps in attaining moksha.

We focus on helping the families with various rituals and ceremonies so as they are rightly performed as per shastras and the family can stay rest assured about the rituals performed, the future of rituals performed at the time of death are going to be at status-quo for centuries or yugas.
Scope of death ceremony organizer in India is great as market is absolutely unorganized, we witnessed the heart aching trouble faced by the families in the hour of distress, family members and native run from pillar to post arranging things, still at times un intentionally mistake occurs, but Moksh being a professional post death event organizer don‘t make mistakes. In future people would hire service like Moksh who are dedicated professionals for such events, ascertaining that all the rituals & ceremonies are rightly performed & at the same time, saving your time as we understand time is precious & in such a busy world it‘s difficult to become stagnant for long.

We make arrangements at home like catering, tent house, poojas, furniture displacement, we take care of all the paper work like registration of death, death certificate etc. we also arrange all the miscellaneous things like framed photograph of the deceased, paper publication etc.

The broad classification of our service lies under following heads:
 Providing heirs van, A/C coffins, transports facility for family members.
 Arrangements at home including catering.
 Organizing all the ceremony & rituals
 Chautha or tervi arrangements & catering
 Pitradaan, asthi visarjan at Haridwar ghats

Every business feeds itself by revenues, & so do Moksh generate revenues via service charge which varies from case to case depending upon the kind of service asked for, initially focusing on premium segment hospitals for strategic alliance, thereafter tapping other hospitals & RWA for cases.

Concluding Moksh will shape & organize the funeral services in India