SCOTTSDALE, AZ ( 12Pressrelease ) September 14, 2009 “Nights have been so quiet around here lately.”

“I showed them to hubby and he didn‘t think they would work. Guess what? They do! “

“It far exceeds our expectations.”

Those are just some of the positive comments from Mommy Bloggers who recently tested Brez, a new clinically proven anti-snoring device. Mommy Bloggers are women who write blogs to help other moms by reviewing and recommending products for daily life.

Brez ( is a premium nasal breathing aid that is clinically proven to significantly reduce snoring. Brez is two rings made of soft and pliable medical grade material that support the interior walls of the nasal passages, reducing vibrations that lead to snoring.

AirWare, the company that makes Brez, sent samples to Mommy Bloggers to see what they thought. The idea was that the bloggers would test Brez on their husbands, although some admitted that they were suitable test subjects themselves.

Here is an excerpt of what Brandy, author of (, , had to say:

“My husband snores like no other! It‘s insane! … I kick him, I elbow him, I push him. Again. Again. Again. …This works for like 5 sec. I need something that reduces that sound … oh please … that horrible horrible sound!

“Brez heard me crying in my sleep! They said they could help. When I opened it for J to try out we both thought there was no way could this work. He put it in and it was basically unnoticeable … Immediately he said he could breathe better!

“Yes, he snored a tiny bit … but it was a quiet pleasant snore, not that horrifying clicky zombie growl! I was so happy! He slept better as well since he was able to breathe! I love this product in ways you will never know!”

For Ty, author of , nighttime has become so quiet that she sometimes wakes up just to make sure her husband is OK.

“ Dear Husband snores so loud no matter where you are in our home you can hear him. … I mean literally it sounds like a few hogs are up in there fighting or something. … We have tried almost everything that you can buy over the counter for his snoring and the result ... nothing.

“Brez is a real sleep saver. Nights have been so quiet around here lately. Sometimes I wake up during the night to check on my husband, as I don't ever hear a peep out of him anymore.

… Now I can finally get the sleep I so desperately needed.”

And then there was this from Kendahl, author of

“Do you have a snorer in your house? If so, Brez will be your new best friend!

“One of the causes of snoring is when your nasal passages narrow or relax, which makes your nasal tissue vibrate [ = SNORING!], and this is designed to help with that. Brez is a cool little thing you put up each side of your nose, and it helps hold your passages open, so no vibrating! It took a little getting used to, but once I forgot it was there, I was good. “

Other positive reviews came from:

Storm, author of : ”He noticed right away that he was breathing clearer. During the night, I noticed that his snoring was lighter.”

Lee, author of and a snorer herself, said: “Suddenly you can breathe easier. It didn't completely make me stop snoring, nothing has, but it did turn my snore into a sweeter softer more endearing sound. My husband slept and that is what matters!” Lee featured an interview with Brez‘s Director of Sales, Jeffrie Story, on her television show.

Bing, author of “After a 10-day sample trial, not only did hubby snore less frequently while wearing Brez, but he also snores somewhat less when sleeping without the treatment! It far exceeds our expectations.”

And Tanya, author of “We had a chance to try out a product called Brez I showed them to hubby and he didn‘t think they would work. Guess what? They do! “

Brez is available at many national and independent pharmacies and online.

About AirWare, Inc.

AirWare, Inc., founded in 2008, develops, manufactures, and markets Brez, a premium, ergonomic, intranasal breathing aid. Brez is a patented anti-snoring solution clinically proven to significantly reduce snoring, made without drugs, latex or adhesives. Based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration definition, Brez has been reviewed and categorized as a Class I exempted medical device, for marketing as an over-the-counter treatment to help relieve symptoms for many conditions related to impaired breathing, such as snoring. To learn more about AirWare visit ( or call 877-299-6700.

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