Mope.Io – The Most Popular Game On the Internet

The strategy of playing the game is very simple. Even a child can handle the rules. In Mopeio the goal is to eat as many circles as possible while keeping away from the other players. You are able to move along the plants constantly as you eat enough of the circles. Once you run from the larger mice and shrimp who are trying to knock you out. The goal is to become as large as possible.

On the website you can find this game and play it online both alone as well as together with some other gamers. Of course, it is not the only game on the site. There are a lot of other interesting games with similar rules. Under the icon with the game there is a complex commentary where you can find an overview of the game, some strategy for winning the game and the control buttons. Also, there is described how to play Mope io unblocked from school or work. The cooler thing is that you can expose your opinion about the game in the commentary section.

The basic strategy for is to eat circles as fast as you can so you grow larger. You have to eat enough circles to grow requires to run full speed when the other competitors comes by you. When you avoid them you can eat more circles or duck into a whole to hide till they pass and then eat even more circles so you can grow larger. The controls for are extremely simple. Your character will move towards your mouse, and if you want eat your colored circles, they tell you which one’s you are eligible to eat, you hold the mouse left button down.


Mope io is a quick and fast paced .io game. It has a Current Rating of 89% and 289 votes on their website. I would say that this is one of the most interesting games in the whole internet. It is dynamic, relaxing and really fun. It is good not only for kids and teenagers but also for grownups. Expect to be eaten a lot, but having fun every step of the way! Do not hesitate to make use of these great services and always be the best in the game you are playing for a so long time.

Company Name: Gazpo
Contact Person: Robert Baker
Full Address: P.O. Box 3464, Davenport, Iowa 52808
Phone #: (712) 883-0060


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