Aurora Group, one of the fastest growing real estate companies with the new lifestyle concept in the south of Portugal, is now involved with the exciting videogame RFactor. The name Aurora Group can be seen on the GP2 car from Álvaro Parente in the F1 RFactor game, similar to the real version GP2, where Aurora Group is the sponsor.

Through the race team “Aurora Racing Team” Aurora Group puts a Ferrari F430 GTC on track at the Spanish GT Championship, and is involved in the World Super Bike, the A1GP and the GP2 series, which race on the same weekend as the F1.

Aurora Group is based in the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve a circuit capable of receiving the most important racing competitions, including a Formula 1 Grand Prix where it will promote the new real estate projects.

The reason Aurora Group puts the Ferrari on track is not only for marketing promotions but to create another attraction to be included in the offer to future PRC Private Residence Club owners can experience, amongst many other interesting VIP clubs and facilities from the Aurora Resorts. The group´s aim is to become one of the most exciting and exceptional ocean fronted holiday resorts in Portugal, with the best possible services for its clients.

Based on fractional ownership the fastest growing segment in real estate in the last years the Aurora Group has associated to its real estate property the usage of multiple VIP clubs, including top luxury cars, impressive yachts, golf memberships, VIP race track and football stadium lounges, among many others, which have already earned the comment from American Real estate experts invited to support the project development as: “the only one in the world who has it all!”.

Aurora Group Finance with head office in Amsterdam and correspondent offices in Brussels, Munich, London, Lisbon, Milan, Dublin, Vienna and New York, is the financial arm of the Aurora Group Resorts in Portugal and intends to raise financing through its potential investors throughout Europe, offering attractive interest rates (up to 10,7% per annum) with a solid guarantee in form of mortgages on the real estate in Portugal.

The financial offer from Aurora Group Finance includes the subscription of Funds which offer very interesting highly discounted real estate homes in the US, currently available at very low price, and ready for smart investors to take advantage of the current market situation.

Aurora Group Finance and Aurora Group has set up one of the most prestigious projects in Benagil Algarve, Portugal with 74 hectares of land on the ocean cliffs with plans to invest 220 million Euros, in partnership with Inland, which is operated by the Sport Lisboa e Benfica football club president. Aurora Group has proven to be a financially solid company, including the CEO, Marcel Sanders (as stated by major European Banks) and, together with Samsung, is a strategic partner of Autodromo Internacional do Algarve, having set up the race school with the largest petrol distributor in Portugal Galp, Petrogal.

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