Web Movie-forumz.org is keeping abreast with the latest buzz and developments of the movie industries. It has upgraded its features to accommodate various audiences from the avid movie fans to the average techie guy.

Movie-forums.org is offering great access features like: “Arcade” - where in you can play your favorite free games with your friends, “New 2010” - check out the freshest and the hottest releases in 2010. You can also search through the classic movie archive collections from the 70‘s up to the present and find out the hottest chat from the past.

One of the favorite sections for most of the site visitors is the download links section where in Movie-Forums.Org members can easily share links to free streaming movies, audiobooks and various music from its members around the globe. You can share download or streaming links via megaupload or rapidshare.

One can also delve in the short film corner where in members who loves free streaming movies not longer than 1hour are featured. Members can Post all films in this section, that are classed as short films by IMDB and / or are less than 60 minutes and NOT TV Shows or documentaries, this does also NOT include animated media.

In order to be able to access these exclusive features from Movie Forums.Org, one must register and become a member to participate and interact with the huge members of the forums who not only share the same enthusiasm for free steaming movies discussion and updates but also loves the vast exchange of information.

Movie Forums.Org has a humongous member base of 378,315 to date and Threads of 65,362 with Posts from members at around 288,258, it is one of the largest movie forum on the world wide web.

Other interesting sections include: TV Shows, Anime/Cartoons, Foreign & Subtitled films, Documentaries, Sports, Movie trailers, Music Videos, Mf Home Videos and of course one of the most interesting section which is the “ChatterBox”. Members can also ask for assistance or if one just wants to get in touch with the staff, the support/help section is always available for the registered members.

Movie Forums.Org is your one of the most visited site for people who loves to search for free streaming movies online and just probably hang around and interact with people from all sort of sectors.

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