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Noida, India, December 23, 2009 Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) Conference is the eighth International forum in China focused on global product development. The Forum featured globalization services & outsourcing software development, open-standards for localization, and testing software products for worldwide-markets. The objective of this two-day Forum was to advise how Chinese companies can prepare themselves to compete worldwide in the software and product development industry. Mukesh Sharma, CEO and founder of QA InfoTech, a premier global provider of software quality assurance and software testing solutions, participated in Executive Roundtable discussions on ´China as a World Center for Outsourcing Software Development and Globalization Services‘ at LISA China Forum. Other speakers from organizations such as Adobe Systems, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard etc, also addressed China‘s software outsourcing industry.

Localization/Globalization is the process of preparing an organization—at all levels—to do business internationally. In order to sell a localized software product in the global market, it needs globalization of that concept, implying that the product conforms to local environment and localized character, set in tune with the local time zone. The process needs vigorous testing of the localized version of that internationalized software product to make it compatible with the required demand of customers. QA InfoTech is regarded as one of the largest innovation power house for localization testing solution. Their deep understanding, long experience and smart optimization techniques makes them preferred Internationalization and Localization Testing partner

QA InfoTech started localization testing in 2004 and have built a team dedicated to this effort. The team is backed by a network of Testers with significant exposure to the nuances and culture of both the target and Domestic locales. This enables QA InfoTech to make direct comparisons between the native and localized versions of the software, helping to ensure that the software functionality and usability carries over to the localized product.

Mukesh Sharma, CEO and leader of QA InfoTech, while participating in the roundtable discussion at LISA stressed on collaboration over competition for the Organizations in China for a faster growth. Mukesh emphasized on the capabilities of Indian Software industry, and the relevant statistics in terms of Outsourcing opportunities of software business. He said that in order to grow at a faster speed than they are currently growing they need to collaborate with companies in India and provide an end to end solution to Global clients in Localization services. He advises that one should first identify a potentially perfect Organization to collaborate and share openly and honestly about what constitutes a perfect client for each of the Organization. In this comparison one can clearly determine where the two businesses overlap and where they are distinctly complementary. By working collaboratively on the respective business growth plans, the two Organizations can actively make the opportunities bigger and more lucrative.

For example collaboration between Organizations with Linguistic expertise and a company like QA InfoTech, which provides independent software testing services, can prove to be very beneficial for the Global clients who could get their products developed for different locales at a consistent world class quality at reasonable rates, thereby enhancing their ROI and also achieving end user satisfaction. On the other hand the collaborating Organizations would start getting larger opportunities and better utilization of their infrastructure and resources.

From a five person start up operation in 2003 to a company with 350 staff situated in Five Centers of Excellence (Four in India and One in the US), QA InfoTech has come a long way. The Company Management‘s perseverance and an uncompromising attitude towards Quality, fairness and transparency in its dealings and building and maintaining synergistic relationships with clients helped it gain visibility and become one of the leaders in the Industry in a short span of 6 years.

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