With the fast pace of our modern lives and greater geographical distance making it harder to maintain family ties, the free family website creation tools offered by www.myfamilyheritage.net are a fantastic way for families to hold on to their close bonds.

Our family heritage is one of the most important things in our lives, yet it can be hard to maintain our connection to our loved ones and our family history. Families are the most precious things in our lives, the people we are closest to and the ones we seek out in good and bad times, so it is understandable that people are seeking out options for maintain family ties.

www.myfamilyheritage.net is a site created to bring families together and provide them with opportunities to keep in close contact. The site is dedicated to helping families have fun and providing entertaining ways of keeping in contact with your family online. Family heritage is one of the most valuable things that we pass on to our children and it is the roots that we share with our loved ones. www.myfamilyheritage.net is a site that focuses on helping us "share wonderful, treasured and special moments with them".

The site is a truly international family site. Users can access the site in a number of different languages and users around the world can take advantage of this opportunity to connect via a site that is available in their native tongue. The growing numbers of families making use of the My Family Heritage site find that it "makes it easier for families and loved ones around the world to harness the power of the Internet to stay 'connected'."

So many people are pushed for time with work commitments and a host of other demands taking up our time in our busy modern lives. www.myfamilyheritage.net provides users with a way of connecting with loved ones and building a strong relationship with family members to ensure that they don't miss out on those precious family ties. The site is also perfect for people who have family members living overseas and are looking for a way to keep in contact and share their lives even if they live at a considerable distance.

Site Founder, Ashokh Bharggav developed My Family Heritage in response to the need for families to have a social space online. The site was created to fulfil the vision of providing an online site that allowed people to "nurture, cherish, treasure and preserve this special bond, and connection with our loved ones".

By bringing together a range of entertaining online applications, the site achieves its goal of providing family members of all ages with a chance to share precious moments and keep their family bonds intact despite time pressures and distance.

www.myfamilyheritage.net site is a free site. Users have access to a comprehensive range of applications that will provide the whole family with hours of fun. It's a simple site to join and you can invite your family members and close friends to join for free as well. If you'd like to find out more, take a few minutes and visit the site, view the My Family Heritage video and learn more about how this site can be useful for you.