What Is N3 Network Access?

The N3 network has enabled the NHS to save around £100 million, and overall it has led the NHS down a much greener path. So what exactly is the N3 network and how do you know if your business needs access to it? Below we have addressed these common questions to give you a better idea of whether or not the company you are in should get access to the N3 network.

What Is The N3 Network?

The N3 network is a highly secure network that was created to link NHS surgeries with hospitals, clinics, and independent healthcare centers. Being a private broadband network the N3 enables faster data sharing as well as recorded emergency response times. Because of its sheer size, the N3 allows high volumes of information and intelligence around the network which benefits both patients and healthcare professionals. The first sight of the N3 network was in 2004 and as technology has significantly advanced in recent years so has the network. Every two years the network receives a technology refresh maintaining the system's health and optimizing wherever possible. With over 51,000 connections and being available for more than 1.3 million NHS employees, the N3 is one of the largest private networks in the world with some of the most advanced Network security servicesIT Companies in Birmingham.

Do You Need N3 Network Access?

As you can imagine, access to the public's medical files is a very sensitive issue, so there will, of course, be a lengthy process to gain access to the N3 network if it is needed. That being said technology is an extremely important factor for quality healthcare so if you are in the healthcare profession, N3 network access will more than likely be required for access to patient identifiable data. If you are unsure, a managed IT service provider will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Getting Granted Access To The N3 Network

Because patient records are very confidential, the access request for the N3 network will be complicated and time-consuming. With such vital data and the protection of it being so important, it's understandable that gaining access to the N3 network isn’t a simple process. There are three main things that are of the utmost importance when requesting access to the N3 network, and they are compliance, security, and governance. These three things will be required from both you and the IT service provider in which you use. Having a managed network and network security services should all be in place already, and one of the main rules regarding the N3 network is that all patient data should be stored in a data center in England that is N3 compliant. Using a service provider who has a high reputation for network security services and experience with N3 network access can make the process of gaining access a lot easier. The provider will know exactly what to do at what time and will be able to advise you on the managed network requirements along with the necessary completed paperwork.

Persevere With Access Request

With such a secure network as the N3, there will, of course, be hurdles that you need to jump over before you gain access. But, if you are in the healthcare industry N3 access is a must. The demands for IT is growing rapidly, and the N3 has already proven how beneficial it is time and time again to millions of patients and professionals. Don’t let the lengthy process put you off getting the access you need to be able to provide the best healthcare possible.

A reputable IT service provider will be needed to ensure that you meet the criteria for gaining N3 network access. They will create a IT Support Birmingham if it's not yet, and they will provide network security services that meet the N3 access requirements. Due to the complex process of requesting access to the N3 network, it is advised to choose a service provider who already has experience in the field.