The National Tax Reports website now reveals insightful information from tax expert and author Frank Ellis, who explains how to track one’s return and find the IRS tax refund schedule . The agency claims to send refunds within 21 days after returns arrive, according to the author. This can seem like a long time to many taxpayers, especially when they are waiting on potentially thousands of dollars.

Ellis highlights return tracking, and a fact on how many times customers track packages with the UPS on average. Tax refunds can be tracked in a similar way. The IRS includes a “Where’s My Refund” tool online, which makes this process simple. One can log on at any time and enter the appropriate information needed to locate where their refund is in the process.

For UPS orders, the author says, a tracking number is all that is needed. More details are needed to look up a tax refund’s status, including a social security number or Employer Identification Number. Inquiries also require filing status and calculated tax refund amounts to be entered.

An option is to have refunds added to a bank account via direct deposit. The article suggests this is a faster process than waiting for a check in the mail. There are ways to get a refund in less time. This includes checking for errors and using professional tax software such as TurboTax to calculate tax refunds . With no errors, there will likely not be any delays in receiving a tax refund, the author suggests.

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