Pasadena, California - August 17, 2009 ( Naxdax, a newcomer in the video gaming industry, but not to video games has released their first open beta that is sure to peek the interest of not only gamers, but buyers and sellers of new and used video games as well. “Video games are a way of life for many people,” said Owner of Naxdax Jason Wang. “This is what we do and have done all our lives and there are so many people who have the same excitement for video games as we do.

With the high cost of video games taking a toll on not only gamers, but the parents who have to buy these games, Naxdax offers a solution to that problem. “We give the user the ability to buy and sell for their price,” said Wang. “If you have tons of used video games or new video games, you have the ability to sell them on The same if you are looking for games to buy.”

Where Naxdax feels it sets itself apart from their competitors is the convenience of their service as well as giving the user an honest price for the games they are selling. We have found several well established video game companies who buy used video games for credit or cents on the dollar and then turn around and sell the same games for up to three times as much as they bought the game for. While all companies need to make a profit to survive, why can‘t you make that profit? After all, these are the games that you put your heart into to complete. You put your time and energy into accomplishing every level of Halo. You maneuvered, survived and earned your (mental) Purple Heart in Call to Duty. You were a ghost in Rainbow Six, completing every mission as stealth as possible. That has got to be worth more than $5.00.

Naxdax believes and lives their tag line…“Games to The People!” With so much control over the cost of merchandise, it is refreshing that I can go to a video gaming site as a parent and bid for a game that I may like to purchase for my kids. It truly does place a smile on your face when you see that the users are just like me; not trying to break your wallet, just trying to help you have the same excitement they had when they were playing the game for the first time.

Naxdax offers game owners a much more efficient platform through a combination of direct and reverse auction mechanisms, and empowers video gamers by allowing them to set their own buy or sell orders. Naxdax creates a people‘s market in which used game prices are determined by supply and demand as the only market forces. Moreover, based on unique data collected from each individual user, Naxdax makes personal recommendations of games and accessories that are most suitable for their gaming needs. Naxdax is dedicated to the gamers, and as such, strives to deliver exuberance through service. Their value proposition for users is not only a marketplace for economical buyers or recyclers of used games, but a one stop shop to fulfill all gaming needs. Video gamers can now trade efficiently in a C2C market, gain access to all industrial news, exchange information, and acquire top quality video game products through a customer-centric online specialty retailer who makes all this possible.

Additionally, Naxdax offers a complete list of video gaming accessories for you to buy to assist with your gaming experiences. They have games for all consoles, XBOX 360, PS, PS2, PS3, Wii and more. I guess this is where having the right people with the right games using the right website come into play!

To be apart of the Naxdax free open beta, log into and create an account.

About Naxdax Inc.:

Fueled by the outcry of gamers, Naxdax was founded to provide a secondary market for fast and easy trading between video game owners, using the internet as a medium. Naxdax, Inc. is a California corporation that is created by gamers, for gamers. Derived and inspired by the NASDAQ stock market, but without all the nuisance of financial, political, investment, and management risks; Naxdax is an innovative way to connect thousands of gamers around the country to buy, sell, and trade their video games by providing a stock exchange approach for e-commerce, payments, and information.