When you smoke regular tobacco cigarettes you put over 4 thousands chemicals into your body with each puff. In this article were going to shed light on the hurtful effects you will go through when you smoke tobacco. One primary thing you need to look at is where is the smoke going to? It's mainly going into your lungs and its making alot of damage to your tissue on a cellar level. It causes difficulty of breath at times, primarily due to the mucus, tar & alot of flem in their & that's why it's harder to breath, exercise, etc. is because you are not getting the oxygen that you need. An additional thing is yellow teeth, bad breath and just all around bad smells. A lot of this can be traced back to smoking. A lot of cancers like lung cancer, heart cancer, etc.

Smoking really doesn't have any postive effect on you and that's the problem. These negative effects can get bigger very quckly, which is why you should stop as soon as possible & it might be to late to do anything about it. Because of long-term smoking some folks have to use oxygen tanks. Because their lungs are so weak it makes it very hard for them to get up and get out and are unable to absorb the important oxygen that the body needs as fuel in order to go through the day.

Quitting smoking can help a lot to take away those negative effects & to get rid of the negative effects on your lungs and body. It will give you a better easier lifestyle and well-being for your body. Many times folks ask us if it's likely for the negative effects on your heart, lungs, etc. to be erased as if it never happend and the answer here is yes. If you've been smoking for less than 20 years then it is possible. If your a smoker then you can shave at-least 15 years on average of your life.

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