Most people remember sitting around in a circle with a group of friends having a good time. Inevitably, someone would mention playing “Truth or Dare.”

The truths were often bad enough to force people into taking the dare. There would be howls of laughter, good times and most importantly, bonding over some silly fun.

DARE promises a return to those days.

DARE is taking the “Truth or Dare” game and making it global. Participants will be able to pick from a selected number of dares created by the DARE team or offer their own dares for others to attempt.

“We are going to have fun with this for sure, but we [the DARE team] will be making sure each dare that is submitted is legal and safe. There will be no outlandish dares that could get someone killed. Arrested – that remains to be seen,” said Edvard Hoili, inventor of the DARE app.

DARE will have three different possible dare categories, with the largest category, the DO A DARE, from the DARE team. These dares will be eligible for points and placed on leaderboards. All DARE users will be able to view, share and comment.

DARE A FRIEND is the dare for anyone who is on the app. These dares are specifically designed for friends and will not be calculated for points or the leadership board.

“The DARE A FRIEND is going to be a bit more tame than the majority of the dares we are going to be offering. We will have different dares from KARMA to NOT CRAZY to CRAZY. As you can imagine, these dares go up in complexity, level of difficulty and potential embarrassment,” said Hoili.

The final dares offered is DARE THE WORLD. This is where users from across the world will be able to submit dare suggestions and have others attempt them. These will likely prove to be some of the best of the best when it comes to completing a dare.

“The final category will be closely moderated by the team,” continued Hoili.

Not all dares are going to be silly and hilarious. Some dares, for example, will work in the KARMA category and are designed to do some good in the world.

“Just because it is a dare does not mean it has to be something that makes heads turn. Daring someone to volunteer for a few hours on a Saturday for example. This is a valid dare and one that can do some good for a community or group of people. We are hopeful these sort of dares will go over well with our younger crowd so they can learn the value of volunteer work,” continued Hoili.

DARE is slated for release later on this year. Interested participants can learn more about the DARE app at the website. Visit for details.

Edvard Hoili
[email protected]